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Impact Hockey Elite Program

At Impact Hockey, we CHALLENGE players to reach their true potential. Players gain CONFIDENCE and trust in their skills through their improvement.

Why Train With Impact Elite Hockey?

Our Elite Training Program has been training top players in the metro area since 2004.  We offer intense on ice and dryland training to players that meet the criteria. Our coaching staff is PASSIONATE to challenge the players and goalies to get outside the box and be successful at the next level of play. Impact provides an atmosphere where players can SELF-MOTIVATE themselves from watching what other ELITE players can do with the puck or by stopping the puck.
SKATERS- When you watch the best players in the College and Pro ranks what do you see? Impact Hockey sees Passion, Athleticism, and Reaction among others, so why not train like it? Impact Hockey takes pride in developing drills that help players TRUST themselves and DISCOVER skills they didn’t know they had, which will bring overall CONFIDENCE in the way they play the game.
GOALIES- Each goalie will have their own net. There will always be a goalie coach there to push them on fundamentals and SIMPLIFYING the game. They will see a ton of shots which will help them on REFLEXES and RECOVERY. The coaching will be CONSISTENT and the shooters that Impact have will challenge them to be quicker and faster. Impact will push Goalies to reach their full potential physically and MENTALLY.
DRYLAND- To be a complete hockey player on ice why not train like a complete player off the ice? The Impact Hockey off ice training model works to develop the COMPLETE hockey player. Players can expect to gain agility, speed, power and essential on ice skills through a progressive SPORT SPECIFIC plan. In conclusion, we have a DYNAMIC philosophy on how to train hockey players. We believe in training with competitive play while working towards the common goal, reaching players full potential.


Wily Vet - Pro, College, & Junior (Tier 1) players
College - Future College/JR prospects that have played Varsity AA V/JV level or Varsity A level and are entering 12th or 11th grade.
Varsity - Future Varsity prospects that have played Bantam AA/A and are entering 11th or 10th grade.
Bantam- played Bantam AA or Peewee AA and are entering 9th or 8th grade.
15U - played 15UA top team or 12UA top team and are entering 9th or 8th grade.

Elite Boys Videos

Elite Girls Videos